SalesNexus Proves CRM Software Can Do More for Less


When you’re looking to improve your company’s relationships with customers, technology is often one of the best options out there.

You’ll have less work and less headache if you turn to one of the many software programs developed for such a purpose. But which CRM program is the best out there? And, perhaps more importantly, which one can give you great benefits for a lower price?

SalesNexus isn’t the cheapest CRM on the market. But finding an affordable product isn’t about just saving money – its about value. Its about getting the absolute best for your dollar.

Not only does SalesNexus offer a number of helpful options to bridge the often-wide gap between a company and its customers, but it can even help you with other aspects of the business as well.

Basic Features: Campaign Creation and Lead Generation

You want to stay connected with your customers, especially in the digital age. Being able to reach out and knowing who to reach out to are a couple of the major hurdles businesses face when expanding their consumer base.

SalesNexus utilizes robust sales and marketing tools, allowing you to create email campaigns to help boost your marketing efforts. You won’t be sending them at random, either – the lead generation feature can help point you in the right direction, giving you access to potential customers you may have otherwise missed out on.

With contact portals to track customer interactions and even a mobile feature, SalesNexus offers a plethora of features to help managers and company heads keep a better connection with the customers they aim to serve.

Additional Features: Third-Party Integration and Employee Monitoring

You have to manage your relationship with customers in order to be successful – but what about vendors, and third-party companies you do business with on a regular basis?

SalesNexus offers third-party integration, meaning you can handle and manage everything from invoices to contracts on a single software program. This flexibility is a big help to companies that have already become familiar with using certain tools and don’t want to deviate from them just because they’re adopting CRM software.

There’s also the option for employee monitoring – to make sure your business is connecting with customer properly, you need to know the kind of interactions your employees are having. SalesNexus gives you more insight and more control, meaning there are fewer chances for a relationship to go bad.

Cloud-Based Programming for Added Convenience

Who has time to handle all their company’s needs from a single location? In the modern business landscape, you need to be able to take your efforts with you on the go.

This software offers cloud-based functionality, meaning team members and authorized parties can access the system from any connected device regardless of their location. Need to fix a problem at the office while you’re at home – with SalesNexus, its possible.

While not the lowest priced option on the market, this tool offers some impressive features and does more than many other similar programs in its class.


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